SSA Annual MEETing 2025

14 April – 18 April 2025 | baltimore, maryland

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We are sharing credit information for the images used across this site.

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Aurora over Knik – used in the footer – by JodyO.Photos from

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Klondike Express on a cruise – used in the hero section – shared by Phillips Cruises

Anchorage Northern Lights Viewing – used with the Exhibitors & Sponsors title – by JodyO.Photos from

Workshops & Field Trips

Barry Glacier with People – used in the banner – by Jack Bonney from

Attending, Travel Grants, and Image Credits

Portage Pass – used in the banner – photo by JodyO.Photos from

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Iditarod Sled Dog Race Start – used in the banner – by Rebecca Coolidge from

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