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SSA offers registered attendees an opportunity to organize one-hour Special Interest Group (SIG) sessions, which provide an opportunity to share information on new initiatives or opportunities of common interest to meeting attendees. SIGs are required to include open discussion.

The SIGs may not be used for commercial purposes, cannot be used to extend a session and are not available to be organized by any commercial enterprise.

In February, SSA will determine the amount of space and time available to offer for use by meeting attendees for SIGs, which will not be scheduled opposite any official programming. The deadline to submit an application is 10 February. There will be a limited number of slots available.

Any registered participant may organize a SIG, which is subject to approval by the co-chairs and SSA Meetings Committee Chair. All SIGs will take place on-site and no hybrid option will be provided. No food or drink will be provided by SSA. Standard presentation technology will be available for use.

All SIGs will be listed in the program and open to all attendees at the meeting.

Complete this form to request a SIG. If you have any questions, please write

Tim Ahern in the Plenary Room at the 2022 Annual Meeting
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